What to expect



Everyone is unique in the way that they age; the pattern of movement of their facial muscles when speaking, eating, smiling, frowning etc, are all slightly different. Which side they sleep on, any asymmetries of the different layers of their face from the bone to muscle and connective tissue. The effects of environmental damage to the skin. Also, most importantly, what concerns that individual patient, what specifically would they like to improve, and what do they want to remain the same (many patients are attached to childhood scars and want them unimproved - they are part of them). 


So we can see that all are individually different and need to be assessed and  an individual treatment for each patient must be designed to address them. It is obvious that a formula, or a one size fits all, is inappropriate and would be a clumsy and ugly way of individually treating any patient. Sadly we all too often see that is the approach that has been used, and we see faces that look distorted and “not like themselves”, rather as odd looking clones. 


My treatments are all individual. All treatments begin with a thorough consultation, as the first step. The aim is a natural rejuvenation making the patient look the best version of themselves, but looking completely natural.  I don’t work with restricted appointment times, that particular treatment is completed when it is finished satisfactory, not decided by the hands of the clock. There is science (a detailed anatomical knowledge, and in-depth familiarity of the features and skill in administering any products used) along with most importantly, an artistic eye.  I treat every patient as I would wish to be treated myself, with care and skill and just the right amount of perfectionism. 


The treatment plan is a gradual process of rejuvenation, with intervals of the patient’s own choosing. We know where we are going, each patient decides the speed at which we travel. There are no set intervals.


I have many patients who are in the media spotlight. Never has it been suggested of any of them that they have had “work“ done. People think that they are just lucky genetically, and don’t seem to age. The most common comments are “you look well, have you been on holiday?“.   Even the initial rejuvenation of a new patient is in stages of gentle improvements, so the patient looks great after each treatment but no one knows why, and they look better still after subsequent treatments. 


At every stage of the process the patient looks improved, and natural. So if they wish to delay further treatments, or even if they decide to have no further treatments, we will have stimulated their own collagen, so the improvement they see will last a long time, and most importantly, look completely natural.