About Dr Connell




After qualifying as a dental surgeon and working in Maxillo-Facial Surgery, his interest in facial anatomy and artistic eye, propelled Dr Connell to train and become qualified as a medical doctor.  Making him exceptional as one of only a handful of doubly qualified Cosmetic Surgeons in the world




After qualifying as a doctor, he spent time working in the NHS in General Medicine, Accident and Emergency, General and Orthopaedic Surgery, before specializing in Plastic Surgery.  Following this surgical training, Dr Connell achieved the distinction of being awarded the esteemed Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons, this being achieved following rigorous examinations.




During his successful career in Plastic Surgery in the NHS, Dr Connell was a respected Trauma Surgeon, re-attaching fingers and limbs severed in accidents and working with cancer patients on breast and facial reconstruction, to help them regain confidence and live life to the full.




Dr Connell was selected by the University of Virginia to undertake a two-year fellowship in Cosmetic Plastic Surgery.  The culmination of which resulted in him being awarded Life Fellowship of the prestigious American College of Cosmetic Surgery.  An accolade achieved by very few British doctors.  This achievement being all the more poignant coming from the country that is at the forefront of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery.




Overall Dr Connell has thirty years experience in clinical practice.




For more than fifteen years now, alongside his Private Practice, he has been in great demand both in this country and internationally as an expert teacher, specialising in Minimally Invasive Techniques, to produce the most natural results.




He has a considerable following of patients from all walks of life, including other doctors, celebrities and royalty.  All are treated equally specially and equally discretely.  Crucial in all treatments is to maintain a natural appearance, albeit more youthful and refreshed.  The vast majority of his patients come from direct personal recommendations.  Although you may not be acquainted with Dr Connell, you will most certainly be familiar with his work, he has many high profile and celebrity patients who's careers keep them under the spotlight. In our digital age, this calls for a natural look, that is flawless in high definition. Or perhaps you've seen his work on a friend who just seems to look younger, but you can’t work out why. He's very often "the secret that no one shares".




When he isn’t working, Dr Connell is an experienced and enthusiastic polo player, with his own thoroughbred ponies.  For relaxation, he also enjoys painting with oils and sculpting.