This is a range of mono phasic hyaluronic acid fillers, with Hydrolift action. 

Hyaluronic Acid is in our connective tissue naturally, so is a normal constituent of skin. 

Aliaxin by its mono phasic design has optimised tissue integration, reduced tissue inflammation and gives natural results. It is eventually broken down to carbon dioxide and water, leaving no residue. 

The long term effect being stimulation of the patient’s own collagen, in all the right places. 

The lower density hyaluronic acids giving a greater HYDRO effect (increased skin tone, elasticity and texture, along with deep bio restructuring)

The higher density hyaluronic acids giving a greater LIFT effect (dermal reshaping, filling and restoration of volume)

The range of Aliaxin products enables us to create a bespoke treatment, using the perfect material and techniques for for each patient’s own unique clinical indications. 

Aliaxin, a hyaluronic acid filler with high tissue integration and stability , resulting in natural long lasting results. A combination of lift action(Filling), hydra action (rehydration), along with stimulation of the patient’s own collagen. Aliaxin is produced by the Institute Biochemique SA (a multinational Swiss pharmaceutical company founded in 1945). 

Viscoderm Hydrobooster (also from Institute Biochemique SA) is designed specifically for the treatment of fine lines - giving a natural softening effect to the lines, but with integration with the tissues - so the outcome is soft lines, which look completely natural (like turning the clock back on the lines).


Patient treated by Dr Connell

This patient was treated with one syringe (1ml) of Hyaluronic Acid Filler


Due to my skill and experience, I find that I can achieve more with one syringe, than many others can achieve with two. Every drop I use - counts.


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