I’ve come back for more - as I’m absolutely delighted. 

We have just been in the Caribbean with a group of friends we have known for years. One of whom, I know is 6 months older than me - so I it was music to my ears when one of the men said that I had got 10 years on her.  

Another comment was:  “Wow you look fantastic, how do you do it? You never look any older!” 

It’s all down to your skill and aesthetic eye, Dr Connell, no one can tell I’ve had anything done. They think it’s just my genes.  

I am absolutely thrilled to bits! 

GE 15/5/18

As I got older, I felt like I was becoming invisible!

After your magical treatment, I now look like the younger me - And I'm definitely NOT being ignored now.

I'm back! Getting plenty of positive attention.

It's amazing - Dr Philip, you are an artist and a genius.

Thank you, thank you, thank you :-) :-) :-)


LH 16/4/17


I always feel SOOO MUCH BETTER after I have been to see you!!

You really lift my spirits.

Thank you, Dr Philip 


HLB 8/7/16

Thank you so much Dr Philip for the Thermage treatment yesterday. I was so nervous about having, I know it can be painful! But you we so kind and patient, you took your time and the treatment really is amazing, I can see the results already, it will look fantastic in 4 months; 10 yrs younger :)



DS 27/2/15






I have been visiting Dr Connell's clinic for the past 4 years following two years of being treated by other doctors. The method Dr Connell uses means there is no 'down-time' and leaves me looking rested and youthful. 


My facialist always comments on how firm my cheeks are and another friend who hadn't seen me for a year commented how youthful I looked and asked if I had a portrait hidden in my attic! 


I recently registered with a new GP who asked if my date of birth was correct on my card as I looked much younger. 


Dr Connell takes time to ask what you want and explain what realistically can be done to help achieve ultimate results which are marvellous.


I can and do highly recommend Dr Connell for offering advice and giving treatment.


Best wishes.



LB   22/2/15




I have been seeing Dr Philip for the past 12 years now, I wouldn't go anywhere else.  

I trust Philip explicitly he gives you time and makes you feel he cares.

Before Philip I went to another well known Dr on Wimpole street.I didn't like the way they treated me,

I felt like they just wanted to treat me as quickly as possible so they could move to the next patient.

Plus I was completely frozen no movement at all! Which I hated .  

Dr Philip gives me a natural fresh faced look, which is what I like. People are always surprised when I say my age, I look 10 years younger!




DL  31/1/14


I can honestly say that Mr Connell has a gift I have been seeing him for a few years for botox and filler, his technique is to look at you and give you back what time is taking from you , I look natural but so good after my treatments and I have not achieved this in the past with other doctors,he is a rare find and I feel lucky to have found him after disappointments in the past.



MC  23/1/14









So, natural.


Everyone thinks I look great / rested / younger, but....


They don't know why!


Thank you, thank you.


LJ 12/04/13








Dear Dr Connell,




Too much time has passed since my thermage procedure last June, but I've been travelling and not near my e-mail. I can't tell you how much better I look and feel since you gave me the treatment. It's remarkable; all my friends notice that I look younger and that my skin is firmer, but can't discern what I've had done.




The treatment took so much time and you were so patient and kind. I value your willingness to answer queries and also appreciate your good humour and stories whilst you worked tirelessly on my face. You are such a gentleman and so well-informed on so many topics.




I'll call your Clinic to book an appointment for a filler treatment next.




Please accept my thanks; I'll be sure to send friends along to see you.




Kind regards,




TC 12/02/13